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‘Supernatural’ Panel at Comic-Con International 2014 [July 27]

The stars of The CW’s Supernatural as well as Executive Producer Jeremy Carver descended upon Beverly Hills for The CW portion of the Television Critics Association press tour. They were there largely to promote the milestone that is 200 episodes, which the series will cross later this year, but inevitably, the question had to come about whether or not aSupernatural ending is in sight — after all, the last WB/CW series to go this long, Smallville, hung up the cape after ten years.

So, are they thinking about the end?

“The short answer is no,” Jared Padalecki said. “If the show quality diminishes, which I have no doubt that it will not in my neighbor’s capable hands, but if the show ever reaches a spot where we get a phone call from Jeremy or whoever like, ‘You know what, guys, at this point in time we’ve kind of said what we feel needs to be said and can be said,’ and I’d rather… I truly do deeply care about this show and about Sam Winchester. I mean, I’m 32 years old tomorrow, and I’ve spent nine years of my life with him. So I don’t want him to be broken down and beaten down into something that I end up not respecting. And I respect this character, and I respect this show, and I respect our writers and my fellow actors and actresses. So I think we know the show enough and our characters enough to, if there’s an end coming, I think we’ll all see it, and we won’t have to push it to the ‘I Love L.A.’ levels. But for me, I’ve been able to do a lot doing the show. I’ve got some kids now and a wife, and I love my personal life very, very much. And when it’s time to hang up the Sam Winchester hat, then I’ll welcome that chapter,” he continued.

“In terms of how long the show could go, I mean, I think what pretty much impresses me most about, not just these guys, but the rest of the cast and the crew and the writers, is it remains the hardest working bunch I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with,” Jeremy Carver weighed in. “That starts with these guys and continues to Bob Singer, who would be sitting here, but he’s directing an episode right now, who I hate to be all military on it, but there’s no quitting, anybody, and that starts with the stories, and that continues on to the execution. I really, yeah, I don’t see there’s so much story left to tell, which is sort of remarkable to think about, given that we’re in season 129 already,” he joked.

“I think we’re all on the same page,” Jensen Ackles added. “We still get excited about it. And I think that hasn’t tarnished in 10 years. And I remember getting the last script of Season 9, the season finale, and I got all giddy about it. I was excited to see what happens in Season 10. I think that as long as there’s that fulfillment, that enjoyment, that excitement, then yeah, we will keep going, and as long as people are hanging in there with us and are still entertained, then we love telling the stories of both of these guys.”

So there you all have it: If the quality keeps up, it sounds like the Winchesters might be hunting for some time to come…

I’ve added the Comic-Con special TV Guide Magazine cover for ‘Supernatural’ to the gallery.

Also, I know these are late, but I’ve added photos from the Television Critics Association a couple of days ago. Thanks to Jen for some of the images.

Supernatural producer and director Jim Michaels tweeted recently that Ackles would direct Episode 3 next season. The episode will air third in Season 10 but the crew will film it first in the production order. Supernatural has done this before in Season 6 when Ackles directed the fourth episode, “Weekend at Bobby’s.”

In other news, a new character will enter the mix in Season 10. TVLine reports the following in its “Ask Ausiello” spoiler column:

“Do you have any scoop for Supernatural season 10? – Shelby
Ausiello: Sure do. The Season 10 premiere, tentatively titled ‘Soul Survivor,’ will introduce the new recurring role of Rowena, a tough but elegant woman who will stop at nothing to reclaim her power base. Here’s the interesting part: Actresses who have or can perfect a Scottish accent are preferred. Hmm…”


Jensen was at the JIB Convention last Saturday and Sunday and I’ve added some photos to the gallery. A huge thank you to Maria on Flickr for taking these wonderful photos! You can also watch some videos from the convention below as well.

JIB Convention [May 23]
JIB Convention [May 24]